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What is a Terminal Degree

Scouting out university and college programs is a process that many people find themselves engaged in. Whether you have recently graduated high school, or you're considering a return to the academic environment after many years away, new terminology has greeted you. During your research, you've probably heard the phrase "terminal degree," so you are now wondering what that is and how it affects you. What is a Terminal Degree? In virtually any field, you need a certain degree to obtain a position. Some jobs require a bachelor's degree and others require that you attend graduate school. If you are in a terminal degree program, you do not have to procure further degrees to obtain a position in the desired field. Essentially, the degree that you have is the highest in the field.Further Possibilities Not needing another degree is different from lacking an ability to obtain one. A degree may be terminal, but you can still pursue other educational opportunities if you wish. For example, a master of fine arts is considered a terminal degree. You may go on to pursue a career as a college instructor after obtaining it. However, you may also have an interest in literature and want to earn a doctoral degree in the field. Your terminal degree will not prevent you from doing so.When to Start If you know that you want a particular career that requires a certain terminal degree, then you should start the program as soon as possible. Failure to do so could mean that you spend more time in college or graduate school than is necessary. However, most schools do not require that you declare a major right away; speak with your academic counselor to learn how much time you have to do so, particularly if you are interested in a terminal degree program. Also, many of these degrees are offered in graduate school only, so you still may have some time.Benefits People choose terminal degree programs for a variety of reasons. One of them is the fact that such a degree can lead more directly to a job. Instead of taking a lower-level position while you are working on another degree, you can immediately go to that higher job, which might earn you more money. A terminal degree can also help you to save money since you probably won't dabble in as many different college programs. How Can I Earn a Terminal Degree? Before you can start planning out the course requirements for your terminal degree, you must find out what the field requires. Some people just assume that they know, or they base their decisions on hearsay. Talking to someone in the field can help, but you have to remember that requirements can change. The requirements when they entered the field may have changed substantially in the present. Speaking with an academic adviser in the department is a smart way to learn what you need. Take Courses Now In most cases, you will find that terminal degrees come along with graduate school, not undergraduate programs. However, some undergraduate programs are terminal. If yours is, make sure that you declare a major as soon as possible. If you haven't declared a major but have an interest in a terminal program, find out if you can start taking classes. Then, if you decide to pursue that route, you have some of the courses accounted for. Some undergraduate programs will also let you start to take courses for graduate programs so that you are prepared and have some credits completed.Channel Your Efforts Earning high grades and comprehending the material in all of your courses is important; however, you want to pay particular attention to the classes for your major or specific field of study. When you apply for internships and jobs, the interview board may very well pay more attention to your grade point average in those areas than your overall grades. The exact grades that are in needed, both in general and in your specific field, will vary depending upon the program requirements. Narrow Your Focus In many terminal degree programs, you have to assemble a final project, thesis or dissertation to present to a committee. In order to graduate with the degree, you must successfully accomplish this task. Find out what the requirements are for this element early on in the program. You will likely have to pick a specific topic in your field to focus on during your course of study, and you will also likely need to work with an adviser. Speaking with your professors about their areas of interests and gauging how your rapport is with various individuals can help you to develop a plan for this important final project.Terminal Versus Non-terminal Degree If you are trying to decide between obtaining a terminal and a non-terminal degree, you have to do what makes the most sense for your career goals. Non-terminal degrees do not necessarily prevent you from obtaining a job; however, you may not have the same perks and benefits that you would if you pursued the terminal degree. Taking a variety of factors into consideration when making this decision helps to point you in the right direction.Length of Study While the exact time commitment will vary by program, a terminal degree usually takes longer to complete than a non-terminal degree. For example, a person with a master of arts in English does not have a terminal degree, but he or she can finish the program within two years. Then, this individual could work as an adjunct instructor. A terminal degree in English would require a doctoral program, which could take upwards of seven years. However, at the end of the program, the individual would have the opportunity to pursue a full-time job with a salary and benefits that adjuncts generally do not get.The Cost When it comes to university programs, the cost is usually a major deciding factor. The non-terminal degree in and of itself tends to cost less, especially since the program is shorter. However, people may find themselves pursuing more degrees in the future because their terminal degree has not taken them far enough. They may find themselves unhappy with their career path. On top of that, the terminal degree can earn them more money in the long term. Since this type of degree takes longer to earn, people need to consider if they can survive for that period without a regular salary. Both terminal and non-terminal degrees have cost benefits; the one to choose depends on upon personal financial circumstances to a large degree.Dedicated Plans Many terminal degree programs do involve procuring a doctoral degree, which often involves years of study and some unpaid work. Therefore, individuals who enter into these programs want to make sure that they are 100 percent certain that this field is the one for them. Unless they have the money to experiment with a different academic program, pursuing a terminal degree without complete dedication is a risky move. People who are less committed to their path may want to look into a non-terminal degree program instead.

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Essay On Computer Technology - 1000 Words

Computer technology is one of the key drivers in the twenty first century. The technology has led to new business models and new types of businesses. Higher education institutes are now spending million to implement computer technology projects like institute management, campus management, student management etc. computer technologies could save higher education institutes millions of dollars. Computer technology is the design and construction of computers to better help people at work, school, home, etc. An incredible development in the higher education has made the administration of higher education institutions difficult. Computer technology helps to minimize the difficulty and improve the overall administration of higher education†¦show more content†¦This streamline process requires useful integration of technologies into existing context in order to provide learners with knowledge of specific subject areas to promote meaningful education and to improve professional eff iciency. An increasing number of colleges and universities are adopting computer technologies as teaching and learning tools. Oliver and Wright (2002) reported in the near future technologies may be required for all students and institutions. As per the study of Roper (2006) and Rice and Miller (2001) Colleges and universities more and more rely on technology for both business and academic operations. Most educational institutions have made a significant investment in developing a computing infrastructure within the institution. Roper (2006) and Lau (2003) described one of the most common challenges for higher education institutions is dealing with change and the role of technology. Students are feeling the impact of technology in all areas of the educational experience from recruitment efforts, to admissions processes, to its use as a teaching tool. Large technological resources are being dedicated to student recruitment and retention, along with specific promotion efforts to attract bette r students. According to Shahriza et al.Show MoreRelatedEssay on Computer Based Technology 903 Words   |  4 Pagesat your phone for fast access to banking statements, documents, and even emails. Matter a fact how great is it to turn on your computer and login into a social media site at any time of the hour and see what people are doing, saying even where they might be. Life is great! On the other hand, are you like me and feel that maybe we are relying too much on computers (Technology) now days. It is not hard to see that the vast majority of Americans have cells phones. According to an article â€Å"As of JuneRead MoreComputer, Technology, and Society Essay1191 Words   |  5 Pagesthink about how pervasive computers have become in our lives. In just a few short decades they appear to be everywhere: from our desktops, to our cars, to our coffeemakers and our phones. In the nineteen years from 1984 to 2003 the percentage of US households that have a computer in the home rose from 8.2% to 61.8%. From 1997 to 2009 the number of US households with Internet access at home climbed from 18% to 68.7%. As you can see the number of US households with a computer and Internet access inRead More Computers and Technology Today Essay700 Words   |  3 PagesTechnology Today Technology today adds much advancement to our everyday lives. We drive fast cars. Talk on the phone, organizing meetings, and catching up with old friends, or the friend you are on your way to go see. The technology we use today has made us as a human race really reliant on how it makes our lives easier. Through much advancement in the technology and how it makes our lives easier, it also makes them more difficult. When something breaks we are unable to fix it, and have toRead MoreEssay on Evolution of Computer Technology and Operating Systems1601 Words   |  7 PagesThe personal computer underwent drastic changes with the introduction to advanced computing software and hardware. The evolution of computers did not develop on its own; key influential figures such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates led the revolution of technology. These well-known individuals competed with each other by continually innovating and creating more and more advanced technology. Computer technology moved f orward when Intel created 64-bit technology and advanced kernels to compliment the upgradeRead MoreEssay on Computer Crime: Technology and Cyberspace1343 Words   |  6 Pagesmajor part of the world today revolves around technology and cyberspace. Almost every day one will use a type of computer in some way, whether it is work related or if it is for personal use such as social networking. Another thing occurring on a daily basis is criminals committing either trivial or major crimes; so it is not hard to imagine that these two actions would start to syndicate into one. Cyber-crime is defined as â€Å"unauthorized use of a computer for personal gain† (Dictionary.com), but theRead MoreEssay about The Impact of Computer Technology1664 Words   |  7 Pagesimpact of computer technology 1 Running Head: The impact of computer technology Life learning assignment for CIT 312 In partial fulfillment of the requirements For the Bachelor of Business Administration Degree By Matthew Dotson Professor: Daniel Mays Cohort 19 July 22, 2008 The impact of computer technology 2 Has computer technology enhanced our society or has it crippled our ability to function ethically? Computer technologyRead More New Computer-based Communication Technologies Essay2160 Words   |  9 Pagescommunications technology that only a few short decades ago would have seemed like science fiction. From mobile devices more powerful than the first personal computers to the ability to create a team that never physically meets and resides in different parts of the world, the possibilities are vast. The issue for the modern manager then, is not only to understand these underlying technologies and the possibilities they provide, but also to stay cognizant of the limitations of the technology. After allRead MorePeople Depend Too Much on Computers and Technology Essay692 Words   |  3 PagesDepend Too Much On Computers and Technology Are we too dependent on computers? The answer is yes! In today’s society, people use computers in business, education, and in the entertainment world. Almost everything we do and every aspect of our life is affected by modern technology with computers at the top of the list. People obsess over computers. The computers do everything for us so we don’t have to use our brains anymore. People are losing their jobs due to the computers moving into the workplaceRead MoreShould a Computer Grade Your Essays?1499 Words   |  6 PagesCase Study 11: Should a Computer Grade Your Essays? The case study discusses the April 2013 launch of Harvard/MIT’s joint venture MOOC (massively open online course) essay scoring program, utilizing AI (artificial intelligence) technology to grade educational essays and short answers, with immediate feedback and ability to revise, resubmit, and improve grades. In 2012, a group of colleagues, Les Perleman, Mark Shermis, and Ben Hamner, introduced over 16,000, K7-12 standardized school tests toRead MoreEssay about Educational Technology Autobiography1552 Words   |  7 PagesEducational Technology Autobiography My experience with educational technology from K-12 to post-secondary education: The very first form of educational technology that I encountered was the use of the overhead in the first grade. In the third grade I was moved to a gifted and talented Math class; therefore, allowing my fellow classmates and myself access to a computer lab that contained seven apple computers. Every Friday we were allotted fifteen to twenty minutes on these computers to play Number

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The Effect Of The French Revolution On The Artistic...

The effect of the French Revolution on the artistic foundation of French people, and eventually the world at large, it’s incalculable. Two styles of the styles that permeated the developments of the French Revolution were the Neoclassical and the Romantic style, which mixed Baroque and Rococo elements. (Metropolitan Museum of Art). The major artistic style in France, however, at about that time, was the Neoclassical. Elements such as scientific advancements and excavations of ancient sites, yielded historical and cultural discoveries that allowed for the expansion of artistic examples, which were available to artists, around the world. As Europe began to fall under Napoleonic invasions, many European countries experienced dramatic economic, social, cultural, and of course, artistic changes. Additionally, the French revolution the church and the nobles of the time finally lost their grip on European countries, thus, giving entrance to a new era of economic growth and radical changes, including artistic variations, in European forms of art, which eventually would contribute to changes in other parts of the world, including the early artistic elements within the United States and other countries around the world. More specifically, one of the ways in which the French Revolution affected painters from the Romantic style can be seen in scenes depicted as â€Å"fete Galantes† (elegant outdoor entertainments) by Jean-Antoine Watteau, which reflect a shift from discreetnessShow MoreRelatedJane Austen s Pride And Prejudice1139 Words   |  5 Pagesattitudes and beliefs is seen in Elizabeth s attitude toward Lady De Bourgh and in Charlotte s view of opposing marriage for love. Finally, it is seen in dependence on thinking for oneself as Elizabeth and Darcy learn to do. Romanticism was an artistic, literary, and intellectual movement which originated in Europe toward the end of the 18th century. Jane Austen rejected the ideals of Romanticism, which focused on the power of feeling and the abandonment of restraint. Pride and Prejudice focusedRead MoreAnalysis of Bernard Merchands Paris: History of a City1496 Words   |  6 Pagesof a historian who seeks to write of its history.The entire  history of Paris  spans over the course of two thousand years. It is  entwined  within the histories of France and Europe. Its story filled with countless wars, kings, and revolutions, monuments, ideas, and artistic development. Paris is home to a multitude of festivals and funerals, palaces and workshops, churches and sewers, prelates and prostitutes. Writing of such a city can be daunting, but many writers have taken on that task. This essayRead MoreBallet As Part Of The Romantic Era1729 Words   |  7 Pageswere many eras of Ballet such as Ballet de Court (1600’s) and Ballet de action (1700’s). The 19th Century in particular saw a significant development in Ballet as part of the Romantic Era. Following the French Revolution (1789-1799) there was a new social enlightenment and opportunity for people push boundaries, break social norms and challenge morals and ideas. This massive shift in society saw the beginning of the Romantic era; a period in which writers, poets, artists and dancers had the freedomRead MoreWhy Art often Symbolizes Death691 Words   |  3 Pagesaverage life expectancy was 24 years old. The prospect of Death was terrifying to them and these artistic representations would have allowed them to keep their ancestors alive. Reassurance, however, is only half of story. Some have used images of death for opposite effect, to exploit our fear of death. For example French painter Jacques Louis David used the image of the leader Marat, of the revolution murdered to gain support for their cause. The SS used images such as skulls and cross bones on theirRead More Romanticism in European Art and Culture Essay2490 Words   |  10 PagesOf all the movements in European art, Romanticism has by far the most difficult origins to pinpoint due to the broadness of its beginnings, artistic expressions, and time frame. Inspired by â€Å"nature, an awareness of the past, a religious spirit, and an artistic ideal† (Barron’s 6), Romanticism is one of the most significant influences on European culture. By looking at modern paintings, we can see the influence Romanticism has had throughout the generations. With Romanticism, artists have been ableRead MoreAnalysis Of Mary Shelley s Frankenstein 1527 Words   |   7 Pagesexcluded to challenge the dominant discourse and this appears to be one of many things the creature substantially appears to represent.1 There is a critique of beauty in Frankenstein on anaesthetic grounds as well as what is ethical. The theoretical foundation for which can be found in Mary Shelley s mother, Mary Wollstonecraft s book on the Vindication of the Rights of Women 2. Her mother s influence appears to have a significant impact on Shelley s work of Frankenstein and should not be underestimatedRead MoreThe Effects of World War One on French Theatre Essay3095 Words   |  13 PagesThe Effects of World War One on French Theatre At the turn of the century Paris was one of the capitals of culture and art to the outside world. However, the truth of the matter was that this taboo-ridden society was being run by an aristocracy that was repressing the arts. Naturally, when World War 1 broke out, the suppressed French society finally had a release and a rebellion against order arose. WWI specifically affected the theatre of French and it’s aftermath. From the ashes of war the avant-gardeRead MoreEssays on Vehicular Pollution3726 Words   |  15 Pagesinfluence felt throughout society, Romanticism was more widespread both in its origins and influence. No other intellectual/artistic movement has had comparable variety, reach, and staying power since the end of the Middle Ages. Beginning in Germany and England in the 1770s, by the 1820s it had swept through Europe, conquering at last even its most stubborn foe, the French. It traveled quickly to the Western Hemisphere, and in its musical form has triumphed around the globe, so that from LondonRead MoreEssays on Vehicular Pollution3733 Words   |  15 Pagesinfluence felt throughout society, Romanticism was more widespread both in its origins and influence. No other intellectual/artistic movement has had comparable variety, reach, and staying power since the end of the Middle Ages. Beginning in Germany and England in the 1770s, by the 1820s it had swept through Europe, conquering at last even its most stubborn foe, the French. It traveled quickly to the Western Hemisphere, and in its musical form has triumphed around the globe, so that from London toRead MoreEssay about 17th Century Culture2079 Words   |  9 Pagesinfluenced by Christianity, life, love, symbolism, allegory, and morbidity. The artist Michelangel Merisi da Caravaggio a leading artist during this period used a â€Å"combination of religious scenes in everyday locales filled with rough looking common people† (Kleiner 549) along with the intensity of the dramatic Baroque passion for richness in color and texture. One of Caravaggio’s most famous pieces of art was the Entombment of Christ, and David with the Head of Goliath, for which â€Å"he painted his own

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Effects of EnculturationAcculturation on Mexican Americans free essay sample

Every culture has its own specific characteristics to help differentiate itself from all of the other cultures. They all are composed of the same categories such as foods, traditions, values, holidays, language and many more. All of these things play their own specific roles to help create the big picture; they help define the culture. If some of the traditions, like language, from another culture were to be adopted into the current culture, it would enrich it rather than deprive the culture of meaning. Language is only one of the many aspects that help define a culture so, if another language is used, then the culture will still survive without losing meaning. The adoption of a new language into a culture will not always have an effect that makes the culture lose meaning in values or traditions. (Semantic cohesion with next sentence) Rather, it could have an acculturation effect. Acculturation is when one culture mixes itself with another culture that is dominant in the current location and inherits values and traditions to form a bigger, more enriched culture. We will write a custom essay sample on Effects of Enculturation\Acculturation on Mexican Americans or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page This is greatly shown in the blending of the American language and culture with the Mexican culture. By adopting the English language into the life style of Mexican Americans, the Hispanic culture has experienced a huge acculturation affect. This effect of aggregation to the culture can be shown in Mexican traditions such as birthday parties, acting, and quinceaneras. A birthday party is a tradition that is celebrated differently in various cultures. Traditions are everywhere in the Mexican American culture, especially in the way that Mexican Americans celebrate their birthday parties. The Mexican American way of celebrating birthdays has experienced an acculturation effect since the adoption of the English language, rather than a loss in tradition or meaning. This is shown not only because we sing and perform the usual Mexican traditions such as las Mananitas, pinatas’ and tamales, but also when we sing the â€Å"happy birthday† song right before or after las Mananitas. Hot dogs or pizzas have also been an addition to our party-related celebrations. Another addition into the Mexican American culture has been  the integration of Spanglish into the acting careers. Spanglish is the combination of the Spanish language and English language when speaking or writing. This is seen in the Hecho in Tejas book in the story â€Å"Casa Sanchez† by Tony Diaz. The father was â€Å"†¦ an actor in carpas, tent shows performed in Spanish and Spanglish. †(Gilb 384) The use of Spanglish has been an addition into the Mexican American culture that slo wly steps in and before we know it, we are using it unconsciously. Spanglish is usually used when we want to describe or define something but the English word performs a better job than the Spanish word, depending on the way it is phrased; or vice-versa. This has enabled the English and Spanish speaking Mexicans to better communicate with their children that have adopted the English language as their primary language, and Spanish as the secondary. The adoption of English language as primary and Spanish as secondary has intensified as time goes by. Although the new generations are more English based, the Mexican traditions still follow unconditionally. Quinceaneras are one of the most practiced Mexican traditions. This is the time of transition in a girl’s life from childhood to womanhood. This fiesta is an ever-changing tradition that varies greatly from place to place. According to Norma E. Cantu, a quinceanera is â€Å"a tradition that survives and in fact seems to be flourishing even as it constantly changes. †(La Quinceanera) Specifically, she tell us how she â€Å"danced with her father to a Whitney Houston song, Ill Always Love You, [with] tears streaming down her cheeks as she was overcome with emotion. †(La quinceanera) Norma also mentions how â€Å"her presentation became a truly bilingual and bicultural event. †(La quinceanera) This is a great example showing how the integration of American culture has enriched aspects and values of the Mexican American culture, whether they are celebrated in English or Spanish. The use of different languages in a culture has many different effects. In the case of the Mexican cultures adaptation of English, there was an acculturation effect. This is seen in various Mexican American traditions such as the celebrations of their birthday parties and quinceaneras with the addition of English songs. Also how they carry out acting careers with the help of both the English and Spanish language; this helps create a better understanding and interaction to all Mexican American audiences. The adoption of the English language into the Mexican American culture has had an effect that enriches and further helps define traditions and values rather than depreciate them.

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The Mind Of A Serial Killer Essays - Murder, Crime, Psychopathy

The Mind Of A Serial Killer SERIAL MURDER: In the last three decades the USA has been troubled by an approaching problem, the serial killer. A serial killer is a person who kills a number of people, usually considered over five, with a cooling off period between each murder, usually one murder at one given time). Two murders at one time occasionally happen and these murders may go on for a period of months or years until the killer is caught. Throughout the last three decades the US serial killer rate has risen 94% and it is estimated that by the next millennium it will claim an average of 11 lives a day. Serial Murder is an epidemic; there are at least 35 serial killers active in the USA today who claim one third of the annual murder rate. The USA has 6% of the world's population yet it has three quarters of all serial killers. Not only are serial killers appearing in more numbers in the US but also all over the world countries are terrorized by serial killers, which are appearing in more numbers year and year after. KILLER TRAIT: A serial killer is a typical white male, 20-30, and most of them are usually in the USA. Their main motives are sex (even though the act of sex may or may not take place), power, manipulation, domination and control. The sex motive is usually rape for an organized killer and sadism for a disorganized killer. They act in a series of 5 or more murders with a cooling off period between each murder. Serial killers can go on for months and years before they are usually caught. The victim is usually the same for every killer - prostitute, hitchhiker etc. Their victims may also have the same or similar attributes in gender, age, race, general look, residence etc. Serial killers also stick by their modus operandi very closely and may change it with experience. Most murders occur by strangulation, suffocation, stabbing etc. Serial killers act by a sex-murder fantasy based with their control, they usually live in this dream world in their teens until they act it out for real when they get into the adult stage. As each murder occurs a serial killer may be disappointed by his murder fantasy and may act it out again to achieve it to there own satisfaction. CHARACTERISTICS OF A SERIAL KILLER: 1. Killings are separate ('serial'), occurring with greater or less frequency, often escalating over a period of time, sometimes years, and will continue until the killer is taken into custody, dies, or is himself/herself killed. 2. In common with normal homicides, killing tends to be one on one. There are instances however where a serial killer has struck down more than one victim in a single incident. 3. There is no (or very little) previous connection between the perpetrator and the victim; the persons involved rarely being related. 4. Although there may be a 'pattern' or 'victim trait', individual murders within a series rarely display a clearly defined or rational motive. 5. An increasingly greater spatial mobility (since the advent of the automobile) has enabled killers (if they wish) to move rapidly from one place to another, often before a murder has even been discovered. 6. There is usually a high degree of redundant violence, or an 'overkill', where the victim is subjected to a disproportionate level of brutality. MOTIVES: These are the motives a serial killer might display (some killers display various motives): Visionaries - Acts in response to voices and is instructed by these voices to perform the act of murder. These killers are usually schizophrenic and psychotic. Missionaries - They think it is their responsibility to rid society of unwanted elements. Hedonists - Kill because murder causes them pleasure. Lust Killers - Kill for sexual gratification with acts that are usually sadistic. Thrill Killers - Kill because of a desire for a thrill or experience. Gain Killers - Kill for personal gain. The killer premeditates the act to require financial gain or materialistic goods. While gain is not the main motive in a murder some serial killers have took the opportunity to steal from their victims for their own personal

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5 Words of Advice and 10 Wedding Toasts for the Groom

5 Words of Advice and 10 Wedding Toasts for the Groom At most weddings, it is the bride who takes the center stage. The groom often remains in the background. Most people forget that the wedding day belongs to the groom too. If you are one of the people who do remember this and want to raise a toast to the groom, these 5 tips should be of great help. The groom is as much a part of the wedding as the bride. He may also encounters the usual wedding jitters, last minute panic attacks, and even a small desire to make a dash out of the country. But men are expected to be stoic and gallant, as they wait for their beautiful bride to walk down the aisle, as he waits for her at the altar. In case you are the lucky groom who is ready to get married to the love of your life, here are some last minute wedding day advice for grooms: 1. Make Sure to Get Adequate Rest. Even If You Have Had a Wild Night of Bachelor Party. A cranky bride is bad enough. But a cranky groom is worse. Nobody wants to see you frown, or look grumpy on your big day. So get some rest. If your friends are throwing a bachelor party for you, make sure to not stay up too late, and get stone drunk. The last thing you want to do is draw disapproving glances from the in-laws. 2. Learn Your Wedding Vows Well. If you are reciting your own wedding vows, make sure that you have a copy handy, in case you fumble and flub your lines. Remember, the wedding is being caught on tape. And years from today, you will have to hear about your pathetic wedding vows, and how you sounded like a lunatic. 3. Have Your Best Man and Friends Help You Out. Leave the nitty gritty to your friends and folks. They should have to do some work for all the free booze and food, right? Make sure that the florist, the musicians and the cake artists are taken care of by your friends and relatives. Its your day, after all. 4. Dont Sweat the Small Stuff. Focus on the Moment. Your wedding tie is not in place? Who cares? Do you feel that you look a bit dull? Believe me, nobody will notice. All eyes are on the bride today. You just have to look happy. So do your part, and enjoy the day. 5. Dont Invite Your Exes to the Party. This does not need to be said, but the sooner you bury your past, the better for you. Your future wife is not going to look kindly on your generous act of inviting your exes. It is time to build a new life with a new wife. So let bygones be bygones. Here are some funny, interesting, and inspirational wedding toasts for the groom. Enjoy every moment of your wedding, and make the memory last forever. Marguerite De ValoisLove works in miracles every day: such as weakening the strong, and stretching the weak; making fools of the wise, and wise men of fools; favoring the passions, destroying reason, and in a word, turning everything topsy-turvy.AerosmithFalling in love is so hard on the knees.Albert EllisThe art of love is largely the art of persistence.Margaret MeadHaving someone wonder where you are when you dont come home at night is a very old human need.Oscar WildeWoman begins by resisting a mans advances and ends by blocking his retreat.King VidorMarriage is not a word; it is a sentence.Ann LandersIf you have love in your life it can make up for a great many things you lack. If you dont have it, no matter what else there is, its not enough.Kim AndersonYou love simply because you cannot help it.

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Schistosomes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Schistosomes - Essay Example This article essays the implication of this unique physiological characteristic and its consequences on schistosome life history particularly their faithfulness while choosing a mate. Adult schistosoma lives in the mammalian blood but their life cycle requires a phase of asexual reproduction within a secondary host. The life history of the parasite begins when adult female deposit eggs in the veins surrounding intestine or bladder. The mammal then continues the life cycle by transmitting those eggs through urine or feces. Once in water, the eggs hatch into marcidia, which must find an appropriate snail host. Once inside the snail each marcidium produce several hundreds of carcariea which when released in water seeks the skin of suitable mammals to burrow into. There are many different species of schistosomes of which Schistosoma haematobium, S. mansoni, and S. japonicum clinically important parasites that infect humans. Schistosoma haematobium , commonly called urinary schistosomiasis, dwells in the vesical veins surrounding the urinary tract and therefore mammal host usually excretes its eggs in urine. It is found throughout most of Africa and in parts of Wester n Asia. Two species, S. mansoni and S. japonicum cause intestinal schistosomiasis. S. mansoni usually occupies the mesenteric veins around the large intestine,while S. japonicum usually occupies the mesenteric veins around the small intestine. The mammalian host excretes the eggs in feces and continues the life cycle. Figure 1: Life cycle of Schistosoma (Machen, Rogers n.d.) Gonochorism is a reproductive strategy that describes a sexually reproducing species in which there are two distinct sexes. It is a very unique characteristic exhibited by schistosomes and thus this unusual physiological state managed to raise considerable amount of curiosity amongst parasitologists over the past two decades. Loker (2006) in his most recent study has put forward a hypothesis to address the foundattion of schistosome gonochorism. He says that first, schistosomes were derived from hermaphroditic ancestors; second, the potential for gonochorism appeared in the spirorchiids, most notably with Griphobilharzia; and third, 'true gonochorism' appeared when schistosomes invaded their endothermic hosts (birds and mammals). The evolution of separate genders was supposedly beneficial in providing optimal genetic diversity against the sophisticated immune system of warm-blooded vertebrate hosts. Loker (2006) also suggest that the segregation of two genders was determined by the s pecialization of each gender for a limited set of 'domestic task' and this was further backed by the gender associated gene expression profiling study by (Hoffman et al. 2002). It was concluded that males primarily looks after the transportation while females concentrate on egg production. In such an interaction schistosomes, once paired, the male and the female worms remains in this state for a long time and the mating is assumed to be monogamous (Reed 1990). In most of the Schistosomes, pairing is essential for complete female growth and reproductive morphogenesis (Popiel 1986). Figure 2: A typical schistosoma pairing (Beltran 2008, p.2) Kunz (2001) demonstrated that virgin females (one sex females) are considerably smaller than paired females and it is already established that egg laying female